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So I realized that I haven't gotten much commissioners and due to the fact that I only write fanfiction, it's kind of hard for me but I've only been getting art trades. I really need the points so I could commissions from other people or buy adoptables. 

Instead of getting art trades [which I really appreciate by the way], I would like to get some commissions. 


Oneshot: 100 :points: 

  • Oneshot contains two characters max. If you want more than one character, it's 10 :points: extra. 
  • Oneshots are about 600 words or more. 

Pizza Gyozas.If booming noises, yelling of any types, or chemicals blowing up in front of everyone coming to the lair wasn't the first reaction Liliana would've usually had, she would've figured something was wrong or something was blown up before hand. Except there was a boom noise and yelling of all types from his other brothers. The door to purple masked turtle's lab was open and green ooze from his experiment that had gone wrong. There could be two possible explanations to why this always happened, Michelangelo trying to help his older brother or Donatello mixed two chemicals that made everything go wrong. 
The second older brother rolled his eyes when their leader went to go grab brooms, mops and mop buckets to clean up. This always happened when the genius got an idea for them to try out on missions and Raphael wasn't happy with most of them. Sure, he gave credit for the completed, most good designs that Donatello pulled off but he hated help clean up the messes Donatello made. "S
AT: Dark--Gaia “You should ask Akio out on a date!” A cheerful voice exclaimed, the person throwing their hands as certain paperwork on the hardwood floor. The person slammed her hand on the desk, resulting her boss to yell at her causing the older woman to flinch in response, but she apologized to her boss. The older woman turned back to her colleague and grinned. “I mean, come on, Kaze!”
Kaze’s face flushed deep red – she only had met Akio through a dating site which resulted them to meet up sometime after her classes were over. Being exceptionally smart, he was driven to the work force immediately but so was she. They mostly shared incredible smarts but neither wanted to talk anything but other than work-related stuff. She got so embarrassed when her friend mentioned dates or outings. “I don’t know, Rangiku… I just...”
“Just what?” Rangiku asked curiously, her eyebrows raised. “When was the last time you've actually ever

Drabble/Ficlet: 15 :points: 

  • Drabble/Ficlet contains two characters max. 
  • It's about 500 words or more. 


PC: Dark--Gaia  
Of course it's raining outside. I wanted to take little Nel to the park, Ichigo thought miserably as he stared at the window as he heard raindrops hitting the window. It was a while since he and Nel spent time together since he was always so busy at the clinic and he always came home late. He thanked whatever god was watching over him for his sister, Yuzu, to watch over the green haired girl when he was away. However, he needed this job because he needed to pay the bills for the house, food, have a roof over his daughter's head, and any other necessities that they might need. 
Hearing the girl squeal upstairs happily, Ichigo assumed that she was playing with the little lion that he had over the years when he was younger; that was his favorite toy so he passed it down to her to have so she could play something with. He headed over to the living room where it was crowded with her toys and stuffed animals. He sat down on the beige couch, grabbed the remote
AT: Oxxxykitten.Kenzie Hawke was always a cheerful individual and always looked at life in a positive way. If she was feeling down, she'd never show it physically as she had a smile on her face. When Kenzie came to the lair that night, Michelangelo knew that there was something wrong with his best friend.  He didn't even ask her what was wrong because she came in and went straight to him for a big hug; although she didn't have to tell him what was wrong, he was there for her whenever she needed him. 
So when they went up to the surface for just them two to hang out so his two other brother's wouldn't tease him, he was about to as what was wrong when she came to the lair but he didn't want to indulge into bringing the conversation. He understood that Kenzie needed her space from them but he also liked it when she was near him. They were both happy with each other and he usually had butterflies whenever the pink-haired girl was there with them.
Perhaps he was having a crush on her...  No,

Multi-chapters: Depends on Price.

  • 1-2: 200 :points: 
  • 2-3: 300 :points: 
  • 3-4: 400 :points: 
  • Multi-chapters contains two characters max. If you want an extra character, it's 10 :points:

I can do the following fandoms: 

  •  Bleach 
  • Naruto 
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  • Attack on Titan 
  • Soul Eater 
  • Fullmetal Alchemist. 
  • Steven Universe 
  • Kingdom of  Magi 

That's about it, I think. If you have any questions, let me know. c: 
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